Home Business A Guide to Setting Up a Home Office

A Guide to Setting Up a Home Office

A Guide to Setting Up a Home Office

If you are a budding entrepreneur with a few doable projects in the pipeline, why go to all the expense of leasing office space when you can set up an office at home? Thankfully, digital tech has reached the point where we can enjoy wireless solutions and in this short article, we offer useful information for those who wish to set up an office at home.

Spare Room

All that stuff sitting in the spare room can be moved to the garage; most of it probably belongs down the tip; old digital device packaging, broken appliances, and furniture that has seen better days. Start by removing everything, sand the walls, fill any hollows, and apply a couple of coats of paint; install bespoke vertical blinds for the perfect shading.

IT Hardware

Choose between a desktop PC or a laptop and invest in a wireless router that gives you connectivity throughout the house. Set up a printer and don’t forget a quality UPS battery to keep you powered up in the event of a power outage. Go for high spec with a computer and IT equipment and you won’t need to upgrade for a few years.

Virtual Business Address

The only drawback with a home office is the address but fear not, for a few dollars a month, you can have a prestigious address in the Sydney CBD and all your mail is forwarded to your home address. Other services include remotely located virtual receptionists who answer all incoming calls as your secretary. Callers will think you are in your plush offices, which sends out the right signals. Image is everything in business and thanks to virtual office services, you can project the image of a winning company. You can even set up email marketing using your CBD address, which is great!


Of course, you won’t need plush décor as you won’t be inviting potential clients to your home; however, you do need a comfortable CEO chair, a decent desk, a few filing cabinets, and a couple of boards on the wall. Lighting can consist of a central ceiling fitting and a desk lamp for task lighting. A few motivational quotes and some abstract art add sophistication. Once your command centre is being used, things will fall into place and your office will be functional and easy on the eye.

Registering the Business

If you are planning to use a virtual business address, you can still have an office at home, however, all mail will go to your virtual address and is forwarded by the provider. It is possible to register a business via the Internet, which eliminates the need to visit local government offices.

Of course, you will be spending a lot of time in your new office and you might want to consider installing some sound insulation tiles so you won’t bother the family.