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6 Excellent Yoast SEO Plugin Alternatives For Your WordPress Site

6 Excellent Yoast SEO Plugin Alternatives For Your WordPress Site

Anyone running a personal blog, a business with a website, or an eCommerce store should be familiar with SEO. Search engine optimization is the gatekeeper of online content. If someone doesn’t adhere to SEO rules, then they’re losing out. Luckily, CMS platforms like WordPress allow plugins that can help with this. One of the most favorite SEO plugins on WP is Yoast SEO. But it isn’t the only powerful SEO plugin available for WordPress.

Those in charge of running a website should be doing all they can to make sure their SEO game is strong. And you don’t need in-depth knowledge of SEO or coding thanks to the many helpful tools out there.

But keep in mind that using plugins can also open up some security problems. Those who use any plugin should also always use cybersecurity solutions too. Anything from antivirus to a VPN (you can get one here) can help you stay on the safe side and avoid cyber attacks on their WP site.

But now, let’s talk about these brilliant SEO plugins that will make great additions to any WordPress website.

1. SEOPressor – Paid ($9/Month)

SEOPressor is one of the more popular SEO plugins currently available. Currently, it has more than 20 million downloads. A big part of its charm is the one-page dashboard feature.

The dashboard highlights all-important SEO data in one place. Thus, it takes out the need for many analytics tools and guesswork. From there, it’s easy to correct any errors.

At the same time, this plugin provides a significant edge in on-page SEO via the Dynamic Crawler Control feature. It gives website owners more power over the way search engine crawlers navigate their website. Thus, it enables better indexation.

2. All in One SEO Pack – Free

This plugin has been around since the early days of WordPress. It has already accumulated over 50 million downloads. All In One SEO Pack works well for SEO beginners because it has easy to understand features. But it’s also an excellent alternative for experts thanks to its more advanced options.

All in One SEO Pack has Google Analytics integration, API support, SEO data imports and exports, and eCommerce site integration. It is one of the few free SEO plugins with advanced features. And it’s available in 57 languages too!

3. SEO Ultimate –  Free & Premium (Paid) Versions

The developers of SEO Ultimate weren’t lying when they deemed it the “Ultimate” SEO plugin. It comes packed full of useful features like a 404 monitor, rich snippet creator, and a slug optimizer, to name a few.

SEO Ultimate also has the Deeplink Juggernaut feature, which allows site owners to use anchor text with ease. Specify the anchor text for internal ranking, and the plugin will scour the website for the anchor text and add the specified links.

4. WP Meta SEO – Paid (Varied)

If there’s one SEO plugin that every complete beginner needs, then it’s WP Meta SEO. This plugin was designed for people with almost no knowledge of how SEO works. It makes it easy to find and understand issues.

WP Meta SEO will scan the website and list every SEO problem with suggestions on how to fix it. Site owners can also link to Google Analytics for extra information and features. Finally, this plugin also supports website builders like Visual Composer and Themify.

5. SEO Framework – Free & Premium (Paid) Versions

Most plugins need a lot of manual input. But SEO Framework stands a head above the rest with artificial intelligence. By utilizing AI, it evaluates and optimizes a WP website with little input from the user. That said, there’s still the option to change the settings for those who have specific needs.

The free version of the SEO Framework comes with essential features and some extensions. But those who want extended features like Local SEO for business and API access need to pay for the premium version.

6. SmartCrawl SEO – Paid ($49.50/month)

Smart Crawl SEO plugin also does a site checkup and provides suggestions for the different ways a site owner can optimize their website. But more than that, SmartCrawl also has a page rank and domain authority booster for Google.

Open Graph integration lets site owners connect their social accounts and credit the site whenever a post is shared online. Best of all, SmartCrawl is also easy to set up.