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5 Unexpected Strategies to Hire The Best Offshore Development Team


For a long time, businesses have considered remote teams as a decent cover-up alternative. But since the pandemic hit us hard, IT teams started to hire offshore software programmers at rapid paces. Why is that, and what’s the trick? Let’s see how to hire offshore development team and not regret it.

In this article, we will see how to find offshore developers that fit your business.

What is offshoring?

Before you start looking for an offshore development team, you need to know what this term means. Offshore development provides businesses with access to top-tier talent from all over the world — without having to invest in on-site staff. Companies that have adopted an offshore approach have seen significant increases in their bottom line, as well as in the flexibility and scalability of their development teams.

Benefits of offshore teams

If you want to hire remote offshore developers, you probably want to learn more about their value. And for a reason. Let’s see why hiring offshore developers is worth each penny.


With a higher cost of living, it can be hard to find skilled developers at an affordable labor cost. Offshoring gives businesses access to highly-skilled workers at lower wages than if you hired them locally.

Not only do you save from labor, but you also save from employee benefits and lots of other things, such as expensive office spaces, utility bills, and a costly recruitment process that sometimes includes billboard and radio ads, everything in an attempt to lure developers.

Access to global talent

Talent shortages aren’t uncommon in the IT industry, where companies will do their best to attract experienced developers. Tech giants and popular brands have already snapped the best developers in the West, and these people prefer to work for the badge, as they are “happily living” with their hefty salaries and huge perks being parts of Fortune 500 companies.

Things aren’t the same in some other regions in the world where you can find highly skilled professionals who aren’t behind their peers working for the “big guns.” These are the guys that you can hire!

5 Great Strategies to Hire Offshore Software Programmers

Let’s see some of the best strategies to hire offshore developers and make good money because of your good decision.

1. Always go for the best

While some companies prefer to hire coders that will provide them the best value for money, if you strive for the best possible developers, you won’t pay much more, but you will save a lot of money, as these people know their business, and will help you launch your project sooner than expected.

2. Pick an experienced team to teach your own devs

It’s a common saying that you learn by doing more than you learn by reading. It’s the same in development. If you hire a couple of professional developers for your team, they can teach your in-house programmers to become more efficient, thus increasing the value of your own company.

3. Scale your business with offshore developers in different time zones

Different time zones may be painful, but you can get the best use of them if you think logically. They can provide you with a longer workday and all that without paying for overtime. Why? Because your out staffed team will be working during their regular shifts.

4. Check reviews in Clutch

People often check Trustpilot reviews, but they are often vague and even… fake. Clutch provides a lot more tools to find a worthy partner, as you can see reviews from real people, and they are all willing to provide detailed feedback, both negative and positive.

5. Call previous clients

Reaching out to previous clients can tell you a lot about the company you are supposed to work with. They will tell you the truth, and if there is any concern, you will have it. Then, you can address it when it comes to negotiations and try to avoid any ambiguity in the answers.


When you hire offshore software programmers, you can either do a great job or invest in a money pit. That is why it is crucial to know how to research offshore agencies and put your faith in the ones that can give you a transparent and detailed project plan.