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4 Biggest Innovations in Business Today

4 Biggest Innovations in Business Today

Technology has provided different industries with convenient solutions by automating some tasks through calculators, computers, phones, and printers. Nowadays, the business world benefits from these innovations while continuing to improve and restructure processes, to come up with the best customer experience and higher revenues.

Here are the most significant innovations that have made business more accessible today:

1. Automated Parking

A lot of buildings and parking lots have adapted the automation of this process by enlisting companies like CVPS Valet and Self Parking to install valet and self-parking facilities. These machines take the place of human attendants and perform necessary tedious tasks such as ticketing, computing the time spent by vehicles on the lot, and receiving payment.

With this automated system, you’ll save company resources because your employees can focus on more significant tasks for your business.

2. Online Collaboration Tools

Small businesses and large conglomerates both gain immense benefits from online collaboration tools. Various types of software improve communication between teams, enhance the way you manage projects, and streamline the workflow of your employees. Moreover, you can get the best talents for your company since remote work is more plausible with these programs. With the ability to employ an IT support company, too, you can ensure a smooth setup is done for every employee you bring on board, no matter where they live. Plus, despite all your employees being based throughout the world potentially, they can reach out to this support if they have a problem and not experience any downtime.

These are the popular collaboration tools commonly used by businesses today:

  • Skype – This communication tool is one of the pioneers of instant messaging and video chat. Most companies continue to use Skype for remote meetings. It remains to be popular because it’s free.
  • Google Drive – The search engine created a document-sharing program that eliminates the need to send data back and forth between individuals for editing. It has a feature that allows creators to share a file and allow others to view or modify its contents.
  • Trello – This web-based project management system helps you organize your campaigns through boards. Within these boards, you can assign the people in charge of the tasks, add a deadline, and inform them of the details. It’s a valuable tool that will suit your business needs since the boards can be customized.
  • GitHub – GitHub is a web-hosting program that makes it easy for developers to create open-source projects. It’s also a repository where various programmers can showcase their work and exchange ideas with their peers.

3. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality or AR pertains to the interactive process of superimposing a computer-generated image on top of a user’s view of the real world. This system has multiple uses for various industries since you can give customers a glimpse of the product that they’ll be getting without the need to go to your store and test it out.

Some ways AR can be used for business:

  • If you’re selling clothes, you can enable customers to try on a shirt or a pair of pants digitally through a mobile app.
  • In real estate, AR can be used to give clients in another place a full tour of the apartments for rent in Augusta or houses at a different location without having to fly to the area.
  • Car manufacturers can take advantage of augmented reality to make product manuals and maintenance instructions more understandable visually.
  • Interior designers can also utilize this innovation by allowing customers to actually see how their rooms will look like if they choose a particular carpet or furniture.
  • The healthcare industry benefits from AR by giving patients an accurate visual of the human body. Thus, doctors can use it to pinpoint and describe the parts that have problems.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is used in a lot of functions such as image recognition, predictive analysis, and machine learning. Business owners in any industry can use it for cyber security, customer support, market prediction, accounting, and understanding consumer behavior, which you can use to improve your sales.

With AI becoming more and more accessible, it’s likely that plenty of companies will integrate this system into their processes.


The benefits of modernization outweigh the costs that it entails because you get to save time, effort, and money in the long run. While changes in any process or aspect of your organization may not always be comfortable, trusting the right partners for the job is crucial so that you understand the gains that your company will get from their machines.