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10 Most Popular WordPress Plugins For 2021

10 Most Popular WordPress Plugins For 2018

A WordPress plugin can be said as a bundled coded structure which gives more option for content management and easy accessibility. A WordPress plugin allows a person to easily optimize their content in the varied manner in which it suits them. In today’s world, WordPress has almost covered 25% market share and most of the websites nowadays are embedded with WordPress.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2021

#1 WP Advanced Google Maps: – The Wp Advanced Google Maps is a WordPress plugin which helps you present multiple numbers of maps on a single web page. if you have to mark several locations in those maps that it enables you to place multiple markers.

#2 Facebook Events Plugins: – It’s a simple WordPress plugin which enables you to simply import all your Facebook events to the specific website and saves you from the hassle of transferring each event manually which enables you to keep updated.


#3 EasyPy WordPress PayPal Plugin: – Easypay is one of the best solutions which can be integrated with WordPress to accept payments from other websites or users which provides you distinct feature from small to large scale business like from e-commerce to charity websites it enables you to transfer money with ease.

#4 WooBooster WordPress Plugin: – Wooboosteris a very beneficial plugin that provides you with the variety of features like shipping availability, comparison, product filtering and other different usability features even features which can convert your simple website into a shopping portal.

#5 WooCommerce PayClub Gateway: – One of the popular WordPress plugins of today is the WooCommerce PayClub Gateway. This plugin is simple and provides security for transaction done with credit, debit card and visa payment gateway and does the transaction in real time. 

#6 Knowledge Base Plugin Bundle for WordPress: – This plugin provides few premium base plugins which comes bundled together with this plugin. Which helps you to make a self-service support system within a few minutes you also get a new elite feature which helps you take customer queries and provides free add-on update.

#7 Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields: – Gravity Forms Encrypted fields is a plugin which enables you to provide with the features like data security and also custom controls over it allowing you to change the security bypass for various types of user or visitor. This plugin provides encryptions for data and other stuff.

#8 Square Up for Events Manager: – Square up for event manager is an interesting plugin which enables you to use your square up merchant account effectively with the event This impeccable payment gateway helps them for transfer of funds and for bookkeeping.

#9 Live Search and Custom Fields: – live search is one of the necessary WordPress plugins which is almost the want of every website with the help of this particular plugin you can search contents which you want for example if you want to search hotels in a particular place it can filter your result according to your needs.

#10 Advanced Access Manager: – This is plugin is mostly used by developers hence are useful for building and managing resources of website and has a quite user-friendly interface so that everyone can use it