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100+ Free High Quality Directory Submission Sites List 2024

Top 100 High DA Directory Submission Sites List 2024
100+ Free High Quality Directory Submission Sites List 2024

Are you looking for the top free high-quality directory submission sites list 2024 to submit your website to the directory?

What is Directory Submission? 

In simple words, directory submission is a website that enables the storage of a website or a blog’s data similar to any telephone directory. Directory submission boosts the domain authority, and ranking and allows for generating excessive traffic, thereby developing the rankings of the search engine. It is nonetheless one of the finest off-page SEO techniques.

However, there is a catch. A person has to be careful in their choice of directories and must avoid using links to directories with spam.

Directory Submission List for SEO

Directory submission is the method of constructing backlinks to a website or a blog by making use of directory sites. If someone wants to establish a high quantity of backlinks with multiple anchor texts, then one of the fastest and most effective ways is Directory submission. The ideal path of building a strong foundation of backlinks for any blog or website is nothing but Directory submission.

If someone asked you the most common issue that you have faced while improving the traffic of your website, what would be your answer? To put it simply, a majority of people would point toward the rankings of search engines. However, to enhance your website’s ranking in search engines, you need to construct a huge amount of backlinks aiming in the direction of your blog or website. You can quickly achieve this by positioning your website or blog amongst a variety of high-quality niche or general directories.

Directory submission being the foundation of any SEO strategy helps in improvising the rank of your website or blog into the search engine rank pages, also known as, SERPs. Enhanced ratings in search engines can channel continuous free traffic to your website or blog.

The Significance of Directory Submission towards SEO can be encapsulated as follows:

  • Achieves good-quality backlinks from other sites
  • Aids in developing the anchor text
  • Develops the domain authority of your website
  • Advances the rankings of the search engine
  • Intensifies the ratings of your website or blog
  • Increases the traffic to your website

Merits of Directory Submission

  • Your website or blog will receive a lot of online exposure, and it will assist in your SEO rankings. Many professionals recommend the use of the paid version as it gives greater and quicker results.
  • The backlinks, a person will receive from the web directory will improve your valuation and also help you in getting the perfect links.
  • After posting an article, it will be immediately indexed in search engines and help in guaranteed and quick indexing. 
  • Making use of the correct keywords in the article will assist in discovering your article faster and boost traffic.

Directory Submission: Steps

To submit your website or blog to multiple sites on the directory submission list would need you to fill out many submission forms. We recommend you utilize a few web browser extensions or plug-ins to auto-fill the forms for you. It will assist you in saving a lot of time and energy.

A quick tip: If you use the Chrome browser, then you must utilize an extension such as macros.

A massive amount of work is required in filling out submission forms. Therefore, it is recommended to use an auto-fill extension, or plug-in. Afterward, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Study the instructions and guidelines carefully on the submission page.
  2. Choose your niche and its category as per your needs. Do not omit the sub-category.
  3. Duly fill in the necessary information.
  4. Click on the submit button.
  5. Hold for the confirmation text that will look like ‘Submitted and waiting for approval’.
  6. If they provide you with the submission URL, save or copy it to some other location.
  7. Move towards the next website on the directory submission list and submit your website or blog.

Types of Directory Submission Sites

It is important to understand the various kinds of directory submission sites so that you can choose as per your requirements. There are three primary types of submission sites: 

  • Free
  • Paid
  • Reciprocal

Free Directory Submission Sites

Submitting your blog to these directories does not include any particular cost. As per the name, these directories are absolutely free of charge. Though, there is no guarantee that your site will receive a review or approval from the authority. Therefore, link-building backlinks via free directory submission sites take a bit more time and hard work.

Paid Directory Submission Sites

A person has to pay a prescribed fee to submit the website or blog through paid directories. Moreover, many paid directories allow the submission and administer you with a backlink in less than 24 hours. These paid directories are favorable when you need to get backlinks faster.

Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites

The reciprocal directories need you to add a link to your website or blog before authorization by the directory’s administrator. Once the directory submission site’s administrator can verify their link on your site, they accept your submission.

Dofollow Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites

S.No Website Link Type
1 Leed Link Directory DoFollow
2 Woo Tic Directory DoFollow
3 Blog Pair Directory DoFollow
4 Gee Post Directory DoFollow
5 Write Dig Directory DoFollow
6 Blog Hint Directory DoFollow
7 Lari Web Directory DoFollow
8 Winzer Web Directory DoFollow
9 Blog Epic Directory DoFollow
10 Webs Tips Directory DoFollow
11 Nancy Web Directory DoFollow
12 Chris Webs Directory DoFollow
13 Webs Local Directory DoFollow
14 Matt Webs Directory DoFollow
15 High Weber Directory DoFollow
16 Web Croon Directory DoFollow
17 News Dark Directory DoFollow
18 Make Article Directory DoFollow
19 Poste Article Directory DoFollow
20 Ways Box Directory DoFollow
21 Fox Write Directory DoFollow
22 Online Writes Directory DoFollow
23 Hit Ranks Directory DoFollow
24 Seo Entry Directory DoFollow
25 Directory Open Directory DoFollow
26 Add New Article Directory DoFollow
27 Linked Directory Directory DoFollow
28 Link Asap Directory DoFollow
29 Way Tess Directory DoFollow
30 Blog Target Directory DoFollow
31 Ad Pand Directory DoFollow
32 Webs Add Directory DoFollow
33 Blog Unique Directory DoFollow
34 At Write Directory DoFollow
35 Online Jess Directory DoFollow
36 Big Mach Directory DoFollow
37 Web Burb Directory DoFollow
38 Link Zoon Directory DoFollow
39 Dilo Tech Directory DoFollow
40 Hub Yes Directory DoFollow
41 Make Proper Directory DoFollow
42 Web Likely Directory DoFollow
43 Online Far Directory DoFollow
44 Blog Tela Directory DoFollow
45 Para Tick Directory DoFollow
46 Web Lide Directory DoFollow
47 Sile Web Directory DoFollow
48 Tops Rank Directory DoFollow
49 Yes Hist Directory DoFollow
50 Zee Dom Directory DoFollow

Best 100+ Free Directory Submission Sites List 2024

Directory Submission Sites List DA PA
thebusinessofcrypto.com/directory 25 15
viesearch.com 61 56
somuch.com 57 57
submissionwebdirectory.com 55 52
pegasusdirectory.com 55 56
freeprwebdirectory.com 55 52
alive-directory.com 55 52
usalistingdirectory.com 54 52
1abc.org 54 55
cipinet.com 54 52
sitepromotiondirectory.com 53 53
marketinginternetdirectory.com 53 51
one-sublime-directory.com 53 50
thalesdirectory.com 52 51
alistdirectory.com 52 52
411freedirectory.com 52 49
mastermoz.com 52 49
craigslistdir.org 52 49
mastermoz.com 52 48
interesting-dir.com 52 49
lemon-directory.com 52 49
afunnydir.com 52 48
domainnamesseo.com 52 49
backpagedir.com 52 48
facebook-list.com 52 48
aquarius-dir.com 52 48
beegdirectory.com 52 48
wldirectory.com 51 51
amray.com 51 52
ecodir.net 51 49
freedirectorysubmit.com 51 51
gainweb.org 51 52
seooptimizationdirectory.com 51 49
searchdomainhere.com 51 49
bestbuydir.com 51 48
bing-directory.com 51 48
poordirectory.com 51 48
upsdirectory.com 51 48
target-directory.com 51 48
craigslistdirectory.net 51 48
ask-directory.com 51 48
advancedseodirectory.com 51 48
ukinternetdirectory.net 50 51
a1webdirectory.org 50 53
prolinkdirectory.com 50 52
linkedin-directory.com 50 49
fat64.net 50 50
threelinkdirectory.com 50 47
bedirectory.com 50 48
bestdirectory4you.com 50 48
reddit-directory.com 50 48
apeopledirectory.com 50 47
addsitelink.com 49 52
info-listings.com 49 52
directory-free.com 49 51
the-web-directory.co.uk 49 51
247webdirectory.com 49 51
submitlink.com.ar 49 49
linkslive.info 48 49
addbusiness.net 48 52
bedwan.com 48 51
unique-listing.com 48 45
seodirectoryonline.org 48 50
directory3.org 48 44
namedirectory.com.ar 48 49
monsterdirectory.com.ar 48 49
linkdirectory.com.ar 48 50
i.co.uk 47 51
pakranks.com 47 49
iabolish.com 47 50
blahoo.net 47 49
linkroo.com 47 51
weboworld.com 47 50
1websdirectory.com 47 51
000directory.com.ar 47 49
globaldir.org 47 42
promotebusinessdirectory.com 46 48
operationuplink.org 46 50
usgeo.org 46 49
classdirectory.org 46 44
directoryws.com 46 50
h-log.com 46 50
directory5.org 46 42
fwebdirectory.com 46 46
daduru.com 46 47
canadawebdir.com 45 48
9sites.net 45 50
nonar.com 45 50
phillyfirstonthefourth.com 45 50
suggest-url.net 45 50
txtlinks.com 45 50
allsitessorted.com 45 50
unionofdirectories.com 45 47
linkdir4u.com 44 49
reliancedir.com 44 48
link1directory.com 44 49
herlight.com 44 47
happal.com 43 47
momsdirectory.net 43 48
livepopular.com 43 48
ranaf.com 43 49
synergy-directory.com 43 49
w3catalog.com 43 49
seoseek.net 43 48
acewebdirectory.com 43 48
ananar.com 43 49
onpaco.com 43 47
picktu.com 42 44
quickdirectory.biz 42 48
thetortellini.com 42 47
evolvingcritic.com 42 45
zopso.com 42 46
webdirectory.co.in 42 48
directoryfever.com 42 48
towebmaster.net 42 47
dir.org.vn 42 42
directoryseo.biz 41 46
visionwebdirectory.com 41 44
textlinkdirectory.com 41 48
abstractdirectory.org 41 48
nexusdirectory.com 41 47
jeitacave.net 40 42
thedailysubmit.com 40 43
ctapda.com 40 46
link-minded.com 39 42
bestseodirectory.net 38 43
bestseodirectory.net 38 41
seanwise.com 37 43
zebralinks.com 37 40
nctweb.com 36 42
targetsviews.com 35 42

Deep Links Submissions in Web Directories – What are they?

Another important topic for discussion is submitting the deep links in the web directories. Several web directories enable you to send your website deep links.

Deep Link – What is it?

Deep links ideally mean, links to your posts or pages, therefore, if you are looking forward to building links to some of your posts.

Then you must surely look forward to creating certain deep links on select web directories. As on web directories, you can choose the anchor by yourself.

However, you must ensure that you avoid using this loophole to spam. Else, you would get a red flag from Google. If that happens, then it will become extremely tough for you to get rid of it.

Therefore, only build a limited number of deep links for your website. And these deep links should also be made on spam-free directories.

Always, avoid getting links from any spammed web directory, as it will be of no advantage to you and your website.


Construction of backlinks through using directory submission sites is one of the fastest techniques for enhancing your website or blog’s ranking in search engines. It is one of the important steps of the comprehensive SEO strategy for turning your online business into a profitable one.


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